Company Story:

The THREEKING team was from the later 80s and early 90s, all  from the villages of Henan, China. They spent their childhood in the special routine of the sunset and the sunset.

In the age when the material is scarce, the slingshot can be called a boy's high-   end toy,while it is scarce and rarely available.So more generally, a gun-shaped     branch from the tree (with the sound "da.da.da..." from the mouth) will be used  as a weapon for each other to spend happy time. The girl's fun is skipping ropes, rubber bands, Shuttlecock... Toys are basically based on local materials, from       nature or group wisdom. The reason is no more than the lack of material and      cognitive limitations.

After spending each other's childhood and teenage years in ignorance, some      people choose to continue to study hard and enter the high-school and               university. Some people choose to drop out of school and go straight to the big cities. From then on, they basically bid farewell to the unique rural areas. In the     following period of time, the material became more and more abundant, and the cognitive range of each person was geometrically multiplied, and the                   understanding of toys was gradually improved. So we have a cry inside: "To       make our children have a rich childhood, we need to change and create. We       can't let our children just hold the branches like we used to be the toy."

Today's children should further enhance their cognitive, interactive, brain             development and improve and enhance group relationships through toys.          Therefore, we use this as a starting point to carefully select toys for children. But   it was not as simple as it was supposed to be, because many toys have either a   single function or a material to be improved.

In this case, we feel the need to integrate existing resources to develop toys that are truly suitable for children. So Shengxinyuan came into being in 2016. We are determined to make smart toys that are of good quality and affordable to the     public, so that the choices of the adults are more assured, and the children are   happy and improved.
Design Example
Robot Toys

Smart and handsome,a humorous robot that knows how to program and can sing and dance
Stunt Car

Fancy stunts,will refresh your definition of stunt remote control car.
Magic Cube

Scrub feel, Fast and smooth, anti-scatter frame design, we pursue better
Excellent products are the soul of the designer; it is a very important part of the manufacturing process; it is the eager expectation of children; it is the best answer for our team to show our customers; THREEKING strives for better products.