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    Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Shengxinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has the famous American,British and Japan  brands “Threeking”.
Professional design, development, production and sales of smart
toys, namely remote control car toys, intelligent robot toys, mini
drones, remote control boats...
   Products are exported to North America, Europe, Asia and other
parts of the world, and established a number of long-term business partners.
   The manufacturing base and international trade office are located
in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and our staff are always ready to
provide you with professional and timely assistance.
   In addition, our production base in Shenzhen has a total of 500
square meters and a total of 50 employees. With advanced
production equipment and experienced technicians, we have a
production capacity of 100,000 toys per month with 3 production
   We take "make a trustworthy practitioner, achieve sustainable
development and innovation" as the motto, and hope to
communicate and discuss with friends at home and abroad.
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The US Registered No.:5708436
The UK Registered No.:UK00003378750

There is an old saying in China as "As one fence needs three stakes, a good guy needs three fellows. ". The same is true for the establishment of SHENGXINYUAN TECH Company. We need a team to work closely together, make suggestions and share the same pains. So we chose "Threeking" as our brand in the US, Japan, UK... The "Threeking" here means that the three kings(金) to make "鑫".Take the meaning of being strong, stable and brilliant.